For the Esterházy family, Tata meant the comfort of rural life, relaxation and recreation.

Hunts, hospitality, sophisticated dinners, entertainment and drinking coffee characterised the days spent here. The Esterházys were famous for their refined taste, which applied to the field of gastronomy as well. The elegant, gourmet taste was also present in their everyday lives: they drank Viennese-style coffee specialties, they had elaborate cakes made by their confectioners, crowned with the great creations of their own French champagne master.

The Salon Café established in the palace is meant to evoke this atmosphere – a slice and a drop of the milieu that surrounded the residents and guests of the palace. The elegant café, which features both modern and traditional elements, is open to those entering the palace without a ticket as well.


Ornamental pattern and pieces of walnut shining like jewels – this is the excellent Esterházy cake, which has gained a European reputation, yet we do not even know for sure where this recipe comes from. According to legend, this specialty was first made for Prince Pál Antal Esterházy in the 19th century. This is perhaps the most correct of all the assumptions, since the prince was famous for his gourmet taste. The unparalleled taste combination quickly conquered the Monarchy and, of course, became a popular cake of the Esterházy palaces too. No wonder that so many recipes and so many variations have been born. Taste this deservedly famous dessert in the Salon Café, made by us according to the traditional recipe!